La Ferté Alais Air Shows

F-AZMS Morane Saulnier F-AZPG Bleriot

The La Ferté-Alais Air Show is an annual meeting of aviation enthusiasts in La Ferté-Alais, France.

It takes place during Pentecost at the Cerny airfield, which is owned and operated by the "Amicale Jean-Baptiste Salis" (AJ-BS).

The airfield is also the site of a museum which sports an impressive number of pre-World War I up to present aircraft.

The B-17 Flying Fortress The Pink Lady used in the motion picture Memphis Belle is a permanent project of the AJ-BS group.

During the show, dozens of vintage aircraft are assembled from Europe and the US for display and flight demonstrations. The French air force usually demonstrates some new air capacity (paratroops, etc.) as well as overflight by the Patrouille de France, the French aerobatic team (similar to the Blue Angels, Thunderbirds in the US). Also, Airbus or other aircraft manufacturers will fly their latest commercial aircraft, such as the A-300 series of jetliners.

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